Conscious Living ™

Live Consciously and Uplift the World

The purpose of our events is to create connections for the expansion of consciousness and to inspire people to co-create a more sustainable way of living in peace, harmony and happiness.

We bring together practitioners and businesses to showcase a range of choices for living consciously through food and nutrition, sustainable environment, health and wellbeing, creative arts and spirituality. Our events provide a local and global platform for emerging authors, musicians, speakers and artists to communicate their ideas, to express their purpose and vision in contributing to a more conscious world.

We connect people who are interested in waking up and living their purpose on the planet today with leaders and innovators as well as fellow travellers.

The 5 pillars or elements that are integral to Conscious Living event are:

It is time to shift our culture from consumer unconsciousness to a creative consciousness culture which is about being connected to the source of life, co-creating a world that contributes to the wellbeing of all.

Wake up and connect with consciousness in your life .

You can be the change you wish to see in the world !