by our Keynote Conference Speaker, Isira Sananda

As a global family we are clearly on the threshold of enormous upheaval, which beckons us either to greater fear or to a shift in our consciousness. At this time, it is evident that many of us are looking for answers and feeling disillusioned by the degree of conflict, division and environmental destruction in our own lives and at large.

We have expended great energy on criticising each other and asserting forceful power for the sake of greed, or even in the name of peace. We have vied for a position of the best politics, the greatest truth, the best religion or the right way. Our efforts have focused extensively on the identity and material possessions of our human being-ness and have largely overlooked the essential truth of being human. We have discussed our ideals, politics and philosophies endlessly, only to find that we – and importantly, our leaders – are still trapped in unconscious beliefs and controlling behaviours. We have been, and still are, mostly driven by the ego. In the quest for power we overlook the most essential powers there are to our humanity: consciousness and compassion.  

We are the people of the world, yet are we conscious of what is happening around us every day? Are we conscious of our actions and their effects? Conscious of the growing imbalances of this world? Conscious of our world heading toward a potential abyss? Are we truly conscious? Where is our compassion? Are we awake? At the end of the day, when we take off the hats and the cloaks of individual identities, we remember that we are all human. It is only when we meet each other as such that we find the place of unity where all images are respected, even in our diversity, and are held as equal, as one. This place is the heart.

The heart is where our true human power abides. Here, true wisdom, compassion and cooperation are born. Here, we transcend the ego and awaken consciousness. When we return to the wisdom of our hearts, we see that we are no different from each other. It is when we follow the way of the heart that we find our common spirit where all pretence of superiority or inferiority becomes obsolete. We all have families, we all long for peace and wellbeing and we all strive for our basic dignity of human rights and respect. We are all worthy. We all have a part to play in life. And, most significantly, we only have this one world to share. A higher awareness waits in the heart of each and every one of us. This awakened one, conscious awareness, is waiting in the ever-present silence within. Awakened consciousness is the universal power that will return us to harmony and oneness. This is our true leader. The true answers we seek can only come from conscious awareness.

Isira Sananda will be a keynote speaker at the Conscious Living Conference August 21-23 at the Australian Technology Park in Sydney and she will present a workshop on Awakening  You on Sunday 1.00pm to 2.30pm