Australian spiritual teacher and author Isira Sananda  is a living Master, what people call enlightened. Her passion and her purpose is to facilitate  people to awaken,to be all they can be, and make a difference in the world.  Isira is  focused on “unifying science, religion, social and cultural differences, and personal development – in the context of peace within the collective whole”.

In August this year, at the Conscious Living Conference in Sydney, Isira will be a keynote speaker addressing business owners and workers involved in heart-purposed businesses.

Representing Spirit, the Fifth Pillar, Isira has much to offer in terms of how to take the next practical steps to mobilise projects, resources and materials to bring a vision into reality.

In her morning presentation on Saturday August 22nd she will be addressing questions such as :

What stops us from living the life we dream about ?

How can we begin to truly resolve the conflicts that we all experience in our lives?

What really is enlightenment and awakening?

What are  the most powerful tool/s for people to achieve greater mastery in their lives ?

Working as a global peace ambassador with the Living Awareness organisation, she has spoken at forums at the World Spirit Forum, Global Peace Day, indigenous gatherings, and engagements in Bali and Africa.

In her latest book, Awakening YOU, embodying peace, love and freedom on Earth, Isira poses questions such as: “Are we individually conscious of our world heading towards a potential abyss?” And she points out that “even in our diversity” we are “held equal, as one [collective]”.

Isira’s biography, Buddha on the Dance Floor offers rare insight into her life, and encouragement for the reader. The book reveals what is possible for each of us, if we choose it.

Isira is living proof of this: once a street kid, she has recovered from a “terminal illness” and has been ordained  by HH the Dalai Lama. M: 0404 162 286 isiraE: