Denise Jarvie

Mystic Mentor

Country: Australia
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Denise Jarvie: Mystic Mentor
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0410 643 671

Denise is a Mystic Mentor. She is passionate about helping people to discover or return to their inner strengths and uniqueness. From this calm and empowered foundation, a life of authenticity and love begins to emerge. She believes we can all create and live a life of joy! For twenty years she has been dedicated to guide and heal through meditation, readings, energy healing and holistic counselling. Her passion and philosophy combined with her experience, wisdom and knowledge continue to uplift and empower all through her private consultations and teachings. Originally based in Melbourne, she now resides and works in Glebe, Sydney or via Skype.

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Flower of Life card set flower_of_life_meditations

The Flower of Life – Wisdom of Astar cards by Denise Jarvie – special price for expo $27

The Flower of Life contains the seed of all possibilities, the essence of all desire. This powerful creative symbol which lends its name to this deck and graces the back of each card within it holds infinite divine potential. These cards are a portal to connect you with that very potential locked deep within you. Take a journey with Astar, a wise, loving energetic consciousness whose energy permeates this deck with incredible wisdom and insights to share to help you remember your true beauty and worth. Here is a star map of your potential. Astar holds the faith of your love and truth even when you have forgotten and constantly streams it to you through the light of our day star – the Sun and the sparkling stars at night.


The Flower of Life Meditations – special price for expo $22

Deep within you are seeds of potential waiting to be planted into the creative garden of your heart and mind. Once planted, creations begin to unfold like a flower bud preparing to blossom – each petal a new strand of life being woven into form that will reveal another level from which to create. Each time you enter these meditations, your Flower of Life expands, revealing more of your ever – evolving mystery. Awaken to the divine in you and you will see the divine everywhere.

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I will also be offering one card free readings to all that buy the card deck or CD

Denise will be presenting a workshop and meditation at the Sydney Conscious Living Festival

Workshop – Awaken your Symbolic Insight

Along our journey this life, our higher selves are consistently sending signs that guide us toward the path of least resistance. Symbols are the language of the Universe, our subconscious and the collective unconscious. When we step back and see the bigger picture of anything experienced we can see all sides and solutions will present themselves.  Each of us has the ability to read and interpret our own signs and symbols. This enables us to live a more satisfying and authentic life, in the realisation that support is all around us if we know where to look.

 Denise introduces herself and explains about Symbols and Signs and how this has affected her life.

How to connect and read symbols and signs.

A meditation to awaken inner insight and wisdom.

Q and A

A free information sheet to download from to strengthen connection made during seminar.

Denise creates a safe, loving, supportive space full of fun and wise information that makes it easy for you to focus and tune into your higher self. This co – creation is revealing and interactive, designed for those who are curious about the mystical nature of life. If you have a thirst for deeper knowing through your ever expanding loving consciousness, this workshop will raise your vibration and move you toward greater wisdom, love and joy.

Guided Meditation – Flower of Life Meditation

Denise creates a loving, supportive space so that you can relax your mind and body and journey into your inner worlds. In this meditation, we will connect and travel through our Flower of Life into your sacred wisdom.

Deep within you are seeds of potential waiting for you to plant them into the creative garden of your heart and mind. Once planted creations begin to unfold like a flower bud preparing to blossom. Each petal a new strand of life being woven into form that will reveal another level to create from. Awaken to the divine wisdom in you and you will see opportunities to create your dreams everywhere.