edible cover


Angela Flack is a traveller, writer, and creative cook. Her psychology degree and international studies led her to explore the connections between the food we eat and our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing””as well as the health of our planet. Her book ‘Edible.’ is the result of that journey.
‘Edible’ is your one stop guide for information about food- all referenced to science, with delicious recipes!  Edible is beautifully presented and printed in full, vibrant colour with photographs for all 200+ delicious recipes. Edible recipes are gluten, dairy, egg and cane sugar free, low allergen, and FODMAP-aware. They are also vegan. Alongside each recipe is a holistic discussion of food production, nutrition and gut health, which is referenced to over 1500 scientific journal articles. This information is then expanded out into a wider discussion of ethics and sustainability, with sections on gardening and homemade beauty products.