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Peaches has been working with the Spiritual Alchymie and the Products for 15 years. Feeling the profound change and transformation happening in her life after using the energies, she decided to become an independant Distributor for Hermes Far Eastern Shining to offer support to others choosing to embark upon their own spiritual journey.

This support comes in the form of Personal sessions, workshops/seminars and smaller groups, where Peaches feels education, feeling and receiving the energies, is a way for you to come allow your own Real Transformation and to be one with the Divine. My passion is working with Women to empower them by releasing the wound of karmic degradation and suffering and awaken as the female ‘alive as consciousness’ and ultimately Happiness. This takes the form of powerful Groups and Personal Consultations.

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“What I have come to know is the key attribute of this work  is that it allows the potential for great numbers of people to receive support in their daily life and be aided in their own Awakening process. This offering is vastly different from most current and historical pursuits of spiritual enlightenment or transformation, which usually require gatherings, strict practices or the guru / devotee relationship.  I feel that you will truly be delighted with all that this work offers for your own growth on whatever level you choose. Feel empowered, feel the awakening of your own intuition on a real level and feel your Heart” – Peaches Land