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Genzon Water Purifiers are the perfect system to create you own Alkaline, Mineralised, Ionised Water.

Water from any fresh source (tap, tank, bore, creek, stream) can be put through the purifier and will remove sediment & particles (down to 0.2 micron), bacteria (including giardia, e-coli, cryptosporidium), chemicals (including chlorine & fluoride) and heavy metals.

The water is then re-mineralised (including minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, ptoassium, phosphorous, sodium) via mined mineral stones and naturally sanitised by silver stones.

A 1200gauss magnetic field in the tap ionises the water which further oxygenates and energises the water, but also breaks down the clusters to give the soft and smooth taste and aids rapid absorbtion into the body.

The units are all BPA free and manufactured in South Korea.

Genzon offer a 5 year warranty on the systems and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

Genzon Water Purifiers come in 2 sizes to suit all family sizes,  a 5 litre for singles/couples and those who are looking for a portable system plus a 12 litre system for families and offices.

Genzon Water are excited to be able to offer a substantial discount of $150.00 off RRP for both 5 and 12 litre systems for the Conscious Living Expo, Sydney 21-23 August, 2015.