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Humanifest Vibrational Products

Humanifest Vibrational Essences is an Australian Essence Company operating since 1987. Making available a range of 68 Essences with Gem, Flower, Animal and the Environmental Essences. This offers a healing system for wellbeing, balance and transformation, based in the interconnection of all levels of life.

Humanifest Mandala Oils are a unique system of Essence Mandala’s layered in Oils. Each one developed over long periods of retreat and including intricate balances of Essences, Essential Oils and Base Oils.

We offer a range of workshops in Humanifest Essences, Mandala Oils and Aura Balancing for practitioners and the lay person.

At Humanifest we seek to continue to find ways to make and supply Essences without causing harm. Where possible all gems are fossicked rather than drawn from from large mines, flowers, where possible, not plucked, and no animals are harmed in the process of making the essences. We use organic alcohol and purified spring water.

Special Expo Offers:

Available through the Expo Stall will be The range of Essences , Gem, Flower and Animal Essences by the bottle $12.00 ( stock Level) and $9.00 (dosage bottles)

During the Conscious Living Expo a Gift boxed kit of our Mandala Oils is being released for the first time at a special price of $64.00 for the duration of the Expo. The Gift Box contains 10ml bottles of each five of the Mandala Oils in a boxed form.

Come and see us at our stall. Or Join us at one of our Expo Events.

Wendi Forbes, the Founder and Director will be giving a 45 min Seminar and a Guided Meditation with the Mandala Oil New Dawn.

Seminar :- Essences- Creating Habits of Unity Consciousness

612 47842774 or 0407701125

ABN:-75 065 269 972