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To the day, ‘It Works!’ first product is still its most popular: The Ultimate Body Applicator. This fast, effective and affordable, Ultimate Body Wrap uses natural ingredients and allows you to pick where you want to tighten and tone – literally shrink your trouble spots in just 45 minutes! The site-specific contouring treatment has been in the hands of celebrities at Hollywood events and at the doorsteps of people like you all over the world-exclusively available through It Works! Global. It all started when Mark Pentecost received a call from Pam Sowder (now It Works! Chief Networking Officer) raving about a product that was an alternative to the growing trend for more drastic measures like cosmetic surgeries or constricting shapewear.

We send within Australia and over the world with places like New Zealand, USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and adding in more and more countries all the time.