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Katze Bliss is a natural oracle medium / trance healer who has studied under, and been identified as such, by Camilla Maria, a leading trance therapy expert, and Gyaltsey Tulku Rinpoche, a highly revered teacher of the Karma Kagyu tradition.
Trance healing involves calling upon divine entities to assist with healing and Katze is able to call up many including Angels, Jesus and Buddha. Her closest divines are Lakshmi and Ganesh.
Lakshmi – the Hindu god of wealth prosperity and fortune. Lakshmi is the embodiment of beauty and is said to bring good luck.
Ganesh – The principles of the shamans of Nepal is that they have been given a mantra by Ganesh – the god of the shaman, that allows them access to the spirit world. Ganesh is the lord of success and destroyer of evils and obstacles.
Important messages are given during these sessions, along with emotional and spiritual healing, and instil positive and powerful thoughts and beliefs to assist with all forms of ailments including physical and psychological. Numerous studies have proven the benefit of a positive outlook and this supports the use of trance healing in achieving this. These sessions can be life changing.

Katze herself has proven the power of this therapy through her own challenges with illness. In 2007 she was diagnosed with Scleroderma, a serious, and painful, degenerative tissue disease that inhibits mobility and the ability to perform even the simplest tasks. When Katze found out about her condition, her life, and her family’s was thrown into chaos. She suffered all the emotions found when being confronted by the news that her life was changed forever including intense fear, depression and anger. It was tempting to give into these negative emotions but there was yet more challenges for her to face.

A few years after the diagnosis Katze found out she was expecting another child. Katze decided not to see this as another negative in her life but allowed the situation to give her a new sense of hope at bringing a child into the world and this gave her a newfound energy and drive to overcome and succeed.

Katze turned to her ability as a oracle medium to confront and overcome the effects the Scleroderma was having on her body and her spirit and, with her strong will and drive, she works to maintain and repair both.

The knowledge Katze has gained through her illness allows her to have a deep and profound understanding of her body, her mind and of illness itself with its debilitating effects of negative emotions. Working with the divine entities, Katze’s ability and power to make positive changes can work to change your life.

Through sharing her skills and talents Katze helps those that need to improve their lives to tap into the full healing potential of their minds and the power of alternative medicines through guidance from the divines whilst in trance. Katze combines her skills with aromatherapy and tea therapy to overcome a wide range of ailments and conditions and welcomes new clients at this time.

Kate Wood-Pahuru

Kate-Logo copyBorn in the small, rural township of Muswellbrook in the Hunter Valley, Kate is the descendant of two powerful healing cultures. Carrying the knowledge of both the connection to land through her Aboriginal grandfather and the Welsh Magic of her grandmother, Kate has been entrusted with a gift of knowledge and healing unique to the world that has culminated in the development and teaching of ‘Dragonfire Healing’.

Dragonfire Healing combines knowledge of the first two healing energies of the Earth with the power of natural healing and ongoing shamanic training of her Masters. It is a quiet, gentle yet extremely potent healing modality that can be learnt and practiced by anyone.

With her specialty in the original form of the healing Earth energy, Reiki, part of which was rediscovered by Dr Usui, Kate explains why there are different forms of Reiki, how they are different and why and how they relate back to the powerful original form. The balance of Reiki and Seichiem on Earth is explained and the relationship of our yin or yang personality to the placement of these energies in our body is learnt to assist in better understanding ourselves, each other and our unique needs in healing.



Kate’s unique knowledge brings new insight into the workings of our body, mind, spirit, soul and the world around us. These teachings explain that there are up to 366 chakras of varying types and sets within our bodies that utilize the energies of the Earth and Universe.

Further to this knowledge, Kate teaches people how to heal and how to work with these energies and this knowledge in practical, simple ways to improve their lives. Quite often we are taught rituals with little knowledge of how healing takes place or what to do next. Kate works to give understanding of what is occurring and how we can contribute to the healing process actively and consciously.

Kate has qualifications in kinesiology, hypnotherapy, is a Master of Usui Reiki, Grand Master of Universal Reiki (both attunements and knowledge given by Spirit) , a Master of Seichiem and practices Dragonfire Healing as a traditional healer of both cultures.