Wainoni Sands Jewellery

Unique and affordable to everyone

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  • Wainoni Sands Jewellery semi-precious jewellery designs use only natural gemstones, are beautiful quality, unique and affordable to everyone.
  • Wainoni Sands Jewellery has been specialising in rings for the past 8 years;  customers can choose from over 500 beautiful unique styles, set in Sterling Silver or 14ct Gold overlay.
  • All Sterling Silver rings are Rhodium plated so they do not go black like some of the lesser quality silver alloys that are common.
  • The gemstones are AAA grade quality and are affordable to everyone; Eftpos is available.

About Wainoni Sands Jewellery:
• Only natural earth-mined and quality gems.
• Hand crafted and unique designs.
• All pieces stamped ‘925’ indicating the sterling silver is 92.5% pure.
• The sterling silver is ‘rhodium plated’ for durability and exceptional brightness.
• Rhodium is the world’s most expensive precious metal and is used to finish
quality jewellery.
• Each piece is priced according to clarity, cut, total carat weight of gems and
how many grams of silver is used.
• Information on the healing qualities of each gem is provided and advice is
available to help choose the perfect piece.
• Eftpos and Layby is available.



A Word from Wainoni

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have fresh clean air, pristine waterways, sprawling mountains, ancient caves, beautiful old trees and of course the Pacific Ocean as my playground. Constantly drawn to the beauty and power in my environment, I instinctively recognized that I was part of a vast energy network. I believe that gemstones, pearls and precious metals are ‘Nature’s Treasures’ and that they contain and concentrate the earth’s energy. Each of these gifts of the earth possesses its own unique vibration that can and does influence our lives. To be able to pass on these natural treasures – unique jewellery that has been ethically produced – is a blessing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.