Wellness Revolutionary

Body Mind Institute graduate and owner of Superfeast, Mason Taylor will speak on Food, Fuelling and Energising at the Conscious Living Conference in Sydney in August this year.  Titled The Heart of Business: Successful, Sustainable, Purpose Filled, the conference will integrate the five pillars of Conscious Living: Earth, Food, Health, Arts and Spirit. It is being held at Australian Technology Park Conference Centre, Locomotive Street, Eveleigh on Saturday, August 22, from 9.30am to 12noon.

Representing the second pillar of Food, with other speakers, Mason will explore successful ways of Unifying Health, Abundance and Purpose to build a business that provides “financial, emotional and spiritual abundance”.

“I’ve built my business, Superfeast, on nutrition and diets that energise and sustain health and well-being, raise vibrational frequency and prevent disease including raw food, super foods, allergy free foods, organically farmed food,” Mason said.

“I’ve experienced the transformative health benefits of personalised and upgraded nutrition, tonic herbalism and sovereign healing,” he added. “Now it is my mission to share the true potential of the body and how it is our individual, unique approach that allows us access to ‘super human’ levels of health.”

As a consequence of his own journey to super health, Mason describes himself as a “wellness revolutionary”.

With his Superfeast business well established, he is able to follow his deep interest in herbalism. He also goes barefoot running, wild food and herb foraging, skiing, practicing yoga and functional movement, reading, quantum physics and travel.

Mason’s nutritional favourites are: super foods Cacao and bee pollen; tonic herbs Chaga, Reishi and pine pollen; and the supplements MegaHydrate and fulvic acid.

Links:  www.superfeast.com.au