Creating a Conscious Sustainable Heart Centred Business/Career/Lifestyle  is designed to gather together business owners and employees engaged in purpose-orientated occupations, including renewable energy, nutrition education, health and wellness and spiritual education.

Conscious Living Co-Creations founder Patricia Hamilton is the innovator of the conference, which will be held from August 21 to 23 at Australian Technology Park Conference Centre Locomotive St, Eveleigh. At the same time and same venue, the public will be able to attend the Conscious Living Expo. Ticket holders to the Expo are welcome to participate.

All 5 Conference Sessions to be broadcast on the Conscious Living TV Show

“In an very exciting innovation we will be connecting with a global audience on the the World Wide Web via the Conscious Living Show on   through our media partnership with Shayne Locke.”, Patricia said. Tickets will be available through Conscious Living for individual sessions.

FREE Opening Night Event

Friday night will see the opening of the Conference with a  FREE event which is open to all Expo visitors as well as Conference participants. The free opening night event features musican and voice coach, Chris James with Yoga Teacher, Donna Gianniotis and  Robert Kirby speaking on the Heart of Relationships .

Chris James is a renowned professional singer, musician and voice teacher who works with individuals and groups. His broad experience has taken him into schools, major corporations and institutions, including the NSW police service.

Robert Kirby, of Heart Centred Living, has run training programs for more than 26 years. Robert holds a BSc in business and psychology; an MA with a dual major of clinical psychology and psychosomatics medicine; and an MBA.

Donna Gianniotis :  Yoga Instructor & Esoteric Healing  has been teaching yoga full time for over 13 years within Sydney and practised as an Esoteric Healing Practitioner since 2011. With a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 33, she started to question that there must be more to health and well-being than diet, exercise, meditation and yoga.

Since the 1980s, through her Conscious Living magazine, Conscious Living expos, workshops, seminars and speaker events that included international trainers and authors, Patricia has provided leadership and vision for spiritual growth and lifestyle choices for a sustainable future.

“It is essential to move our culture away from consumer ‘unconsciousness’ to a creative consciousness and co-create a world that contributes to the wellbeing of all,” Patricia said.

“This conference has the goal of supporting businesses engaged in the co-creation of a sustainable conscious world of peace harmony and abundance. It is designed around the five pillars or elements that we integrate into all Conscious Living events: Earth; Food; Health; Arts and Spirit.

In line with these five elements, the conference will connect practitioners, authors, trainers and individuals who are evolving a new paradigm for heart centred collaborative business owners and employees working in food, health, creative arts, environment and spirit.

It is a golden opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas; to develop ongoing collaborative associations and to form a community of business owners and employees with similar ethics in running their businesses.”

One Earth Logo FINAL copy

A new logo designed for the conference displays the phrase, One Earth, One Us, Oneness.

Patricia said the words highlight that “we are all in this together; collectively striving for a more peaceful, kinder, ecologically healthy world is an admirable pursuit”.


Follow Up Coaching and Training

The two-day conference ticket entitles registrants to a free coaching session and free entry to the Robert Kirby’s 2 Day Jump Start Your Business seminar.


The keynote speaker program is packed full of leaders in their fields. They are keen to inspire, educate and empower others with ideas, tools, strategies and connections for developing and growing successful purpose-filled businesses and careers. There will be Q & A opportunities at the end of the speaker sessions.


During the conference, keynote speaker sessions will be broadcast on digital media.

“Our global audience connects with us through the World Wide Web via the Conscious Living Show on Spirit Net TV” Patricia said.


Keynote Speakers and Presenters

Chris James – Develop Your Natural Voice and Mind/Body Awareness. Communication – Self-care – Active Listening – Self-expression

Shakti Durga Guru, author and founder of the international charitable spiritual school, Shanti Mission 

Quentin Strauli – Founder of the Australian College of Traditional Medicine and Director of Glebe Healing Centre. Recognised as a leading practitioner of body and mind therapies, he has a local clinic boasting a client base of over twenty thousand clients and has a regular show on radio 2SER . 

Robert Kirby – Founder of Heart Centred Living, Psychologist, Business Leader and Trainer – Jump Start Your Business 

Isira Sananda – Enlightened Teacher and author of a new book titled, Awaken You

Mason Taylor – Owner of a superfood company : Superfeast He is a health educator, speaker, writer, and wellness revolutionary.

Katrena Friel – Refresh Your Thinking – Success Coach and Corporate Trainer is an International Keynote Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach

Will Shannon – One of Australia’s Leading Iridologists and President of the Australian Complementary Health Association 

Russell Setright – Accredited Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and member of the advisory committee NSW Oncology Group, Cancer Institute, NSW Health. Russell has a Health Talk Back Radio Show with Brian Wilshire on Radio 2GB.

Lorri Loca – Business advisor, teacher, speaker and mentor specialising in food marketing: Bake it Bottle It Sell It – Foodie Dream to Reality, 5 Steps to starting your Food Business

Jeevi Ramtel – The Laughing Chef is a Certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor

Hannah – The Raw Model – Raw Food teacher and Menu Designer

Ron Ragel and Vicki Hansen – Composers and Performers of Sacred Music – India Jiva. Ron Ragel, author and educator, has recently released his book, The Way of the Sacred Warrior

Nikki White – Founder and Director of the Wellness Hubs, Practitioner and Blogger is a Small business efficiency strategist and spiritual-intuitive being  focused on Natural Therapy businesses Her motto is: collaboration, connection and cross-referrals.